Please note PRICES ARE FROM... the price shown is a guide and may vary due to the length & thickness of your hair; if extra time and/or product is required.

Colour prices DO NOT INCLUDE a finishing/styling service, or a toning service (should the colour result require one; Lightening, Highlights, Balayage etc.)

All pricing will be spoken about before your appointment is carried out.


Jamie | Lily

Cut and Finish (Medium - Long) £52 | £35

Cut and Finish (Short) £43 | £30

Clipper Cut and Finish £37

Blow Dry (Medium - Long) £33 | £20

Blow Dry (Short) £28 | £15

Blast and Style (Super Short) £22

Intensive Conditioning Treatment (10 mins)


Deluxe Intensive Treatment (20 mins)



Jamie | Lily

Full Head Colour £63 | £40

Root Colour £43 | £30

Full Head Foils £92 | £60

Half Head Foils £72 | £50

Quarter Head Foils £48 | £30

Balayage (just freehand/foilwork)

£87 | £55

Creative Balayage

(freehand/foilwork including root smudge, colour refinement, glossing etc) and other Bespoke Colour

PRICE ON CONSULTATION; a consultation must be carried out before booking, to chat through the result you want to achieve from your time with us, so we know exactly what time allocation is required for your appointment.

Toner (with colour service) £18 | £15

Stand-alone Toner £28 | £25

Keratin Blow Dry £180



Jamie specialises in Tape Extensions, Weft Hair and the Nano Rings methods, he believes these are the best methods as there is less tension on the hair and the maintenance is lower.

Partnered with Showpony, we realise it's no longer just about length and volume (as much as we love that too), if you're experiencing hair loss, thinning or struggling to grow your hair for one of many reasons, hair extensions can add the unstoppable confidence you've always wanted!

ALL PRICES FOR HAIR EXTENSIONS ARE ON CONSULTATION, this is due to the many factors that contribute including the amount of hair wanted, length & time allocation.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems; prices start from £550, and maintenance appointments from £90.



We require a skin test at least 48 hours before any new colour appointment. If we haven't seen you for this, we unfortunately won't be able to carry out the colour service and it will be removed from the system at the 48 hour point.

Aspire Creative and those working under the umbrella of Aspire Creative hold no responsibility to damage or loss of any clothing or personal belongings. Please be mindful what you wear to the salon, especially if you're coming for a colour service; expensive garments, light colours and items with large neck details and hoods are NOT recommended.

For more information about our Policies, please see the Policies section of our website.