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Discover the safer way to tan with our premium Luxura sunbeds, 0.3 Compliant and superbly designed and manufactured by BMW.

Being 0.3 Compliant means these beds emit minimal UVB, reducing the risk of burning while providing a beautiful tan with a higher ratio of UVA. The compliance ensures a controlled tanning experience, promoting skin health and minimising the risk of overexposure. Embrace the radiant results without compromising on safety.

Sunbeds: Our Team
Vegaz 2.jpg



We have two of these sensational and stylish looking sunbeds. Every single detail is well considered, expertly constructed and perfectly amplifies the incredible technology the Vegaz has to offer... Vegaz definitely OWNS the world premiere of UV-LED technology for high end tanning beds, including a specific shoulder tanner, which is beautifully incorporated into the design to tan the more difficult parts of the body with ease. Especially developed is the UV-LED Tanning Booster for a totally new level of facial tanning; an immediately visibly and improved tanning effect. An additional unique feature of this technical innovation; the LED light is distributed completely evenly and optimally throughout the facial area, thanks to a unique reflector housing. Collagen production supporting lamps will give your skin a silky smooth feel and also encourages the production of elastin. This helps improve the skin’s moisture balance, leaves the skin plumper, more supple and looking more youthful, and also great for scarring & cellulite. Other smart innovations include surround sound and Bluetooth, climate control with eight steps adjustable body cooler and face cooler, both Xsens with a choice of three aromas and Qsens features: a gentle & naturally refreshing mist which can be spritzed, on an interval basis, all over the body and face for a cooling & revitalising experience, and IP Control that guarantees the optimal UV exposure as prescribed by EU regulations. Equipped with a smart and modern full colour display, navigating through the bed's options has never been easier.

Pay as you go:

3 mins £4.50

6 mins £6

9 mins £7.50

12 mins £9

15 mins £10.50


60 mins £42

100 mins £60




For those who prefer to stand and tan we have this dazzling sunshower that illuminates from top to bottom. The smooth, high quality finish and Ambient FlowLight feature that extends a carousel of light and smart touch control to make managing your tanning preferences super easy, emphasises it's stylish appearance and user friendliness. All our tanning beds are completely compliant and therefore pose no danger of burning if used moderately & following exposure guidance from your skin type. If you find it uncomfortable to enjoy a tanning session with closed doors; the clever design of the V8 makes it possible to leave the doors a touch, half or even completely open while tanning, whatever suits you best. For an overall sense of well-being the V8 also boasts the Qsens, with two nozzles for a refreshing cool mist on the body at intervals during the tanning session, and Xsens features, a gorgeous aroma system, diffusing a choice of delightful scents; Ocean, Blossom or Sandalwood. For your music preferences our sunshower also offers surround sound and Bluetooth, and for your comfort a three steps adjustable cooler.

Pay as you go:

3 mins £3

6 mins £3.50

9 mins £5

12 mins £6.50

15 mins £8


60 mins £32

100 mins £50

Of course we want to promote safe and mindful tanning, so thorough skin consultations will be carried out prior to new sunbed users, moderate exposure will be ensured and sun-creams will be recommended and sold in the salon.

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