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Owner & Salon Manager

Meet your first point of contact and the consummate professional who serves as our Front of House and Salon Manager, Ashley. Originally from Derbyshire, Ashley boasts a remarkable career spanning fifteen years in London's prestigious West End. His journey includes captivating performances and international tours with illustrious companies such as Rambert Dance, The Royal Opera House, and two world tours with Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. Ashley then moved into customer service, demonstrating his management acumen by successfully overseeing operations at a top-tier London hair and beauty salon. Subsequently, he took to the skies as a First Class trained air steward with British Airways, offering his expertise to discerning travelers across the globe. From the idyllic Caribbean to the captivating Indian Ocean, traversing the vast expanse of the United States, and exploring the rich cultures of South America, Ashley's worldly experiences have uniquely positioned him to cater to our esteemed guests at Aspire Creative Hair. We are absolutely thrilled to have him leading the way in ensuring an unparalleled salon experience.

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Owner & Creative Director

Jamie brings an extensive reservoir of knowledge and a wealth of experience to our salon, making him an invaluable asset, leading our hair team. His impressive background includes backstage collaboration with industry giants such as Vivienne Westwood and Selfridges, where he showcased his hairstyling prowess. Jamie has also had the privilege of crafting hairstyles for high-profile clients, including the wives of Westlife and the cast of Hollyoaks.
At the age of twenty-one, Jamie took the bold step of opening his first salon, a venture that thrived for a remarkable seven years before he chose to relocate to Derbyshire. During his ownership of that salon, Jamie's talents were recognized on a broader scale as he became an integral part of the Session Styling team for Kevin Murphy and subsequently ascended to the position of a national educator for Paul Mitchell. This role took him on a journey across the United Kingdom and Italy, where he left his mark both on and off the stage. For Jamie, hair is not just a profession; it's a genuine passion. He possesses an innate understanding of what your hair truly needs, firmly believing that hair should exude an effortless, romantic, and irresistibly sexy allure. Above all, Jamie's expertise aims to instil confidence in each and every client he sees.

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Senior Creative

Introducing Megan, our latest addition to the hair team, who brings with her a treasure trove of expertise acquired over her eight years in the industry so far. Her journey to becoming a professional stylist was ignited by a profound personal love for the art of hairstyling, stemming from her own cherished experiences of having her hair done as a child. Megan's specialised skill set shines brilliantly in the realm of cutting and restyling. However, her true passion lies in the creation of lived-in, low-maintenance colours and the intricate art of balayage. Beyond her remarkable talent, Megan's presence in the salon is a beacon of positivity, warmth, and confidence. Her poised energy infuses every appointment with a sense of joy and assurance making her a valued asset to our team, and we are delighted to have her as part of our salon-family at Aspire Creative.

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Creative Stylist

Following the successful completion of her hairdressing apprenticeship in Derby, Lily embarked on her professional journey in Matlock, where she dedicated four years to cultivating a profoundly devoted clientele. In December 2020, we were delighted to welcome her into the Aspire Creative team. Lily's unwavering passion for our industry has been evident since her early beginnings as a "Saturday-Girl" at the young age of just twelve. Throughout her career, Lily has exhibited an unceasing commitment to personal and professional growth. She has actively pursued numerous courses and creative learning opportunities, with a pronounced focus on honing her expertise in wedding hair, balayage techniques, and achieving excellence in the art of blonding; areas in which she has developed a profound affinity.

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Creative Stylist

Meet Tom, who joined our stylist lineup in August 2022, having achieved his professional qualification in the winter of 2021. He has a real passion for hair and that's as genuine as it gets! Tom is all about keeping up with the latest trends and techniques, attending extra courses and making sure he's at the top of his game. He's also a keen observer, eagerly absorbing every tip and nuance his fellow stylists present. What Tom enjoys most is creating that laid-back, beachy look, where he artfully blends carefree elegance with effortless beauty. Tom's main goal is to give you the hair you've been dreaming of, that makes you feel amazing.

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Graduate Creative

Gracie, our promising rising star, has been on an impressive journey since joining us whilst still at school at the young age of 15, fuelled by her unwavering passion for our industry. With her dedication and commitment, she achieved an extremely impressive Distinction, qualifying in her Level 2 in the autumn of 2023, now smashing her way through more advanced skills in Level 3. Gracie's time at Aspire Creative has been nothing short of transformative as she's diligently worked closely with Jamie, expertly guided and receiving the best in-house training. We're excited to continue to witness her flourish professionally and contribute her creativity and skills to our team. The future is indeed bright for Gracie!




Our newest addition to the team, Ameliah, embarked on her professional journey straight from school, driven by an unwavering determination to be part of this remarkable industry. At Aspire Creative, she is poised to make her mark as the youngest member of our talented team, diligently pursuing her NVQ in professional hairdressing, a rigorous program meticulously overseen in-house by our very own Creative Director, Jamie. As you unwind and indulge at the back wash, we invite you to experience the exceptional service and care that Ameliah provides.



Beauty Therapist

Faye, our seasoned beauty therapist, boasts seven years of professional expertise. She's a master of all things brows and lashes, from enchanting henna to transformative extensions. Faye's advanced facial treatments, including cutting-edge LED therapy, leave clients glowing with rejuvenation. Her waxing finesse and precision in spray tans ensure silky-smooth skin and a radiant sun-kissed glow. But it's in the realm of glamorous makeovers and makeup artistry where Faye truly shines, crafting captivating looks that span the spectrum from bold drama and editorial catwalk to timeless elegance. For the past six years, she has honed her skills as a bridal makeup specialist, ensuring brides radiate beauty and confidence on their most special day.




Meet Sian, the director of SK Aesthetics and Wellness. With over two decades of experience in the beauty and aesthetics world, she's not just a practitioner – she's a passionate expert who's dedicated her life to making people look and feel their best. Sian's got a bag full of qualifications that prove her expertise, but what really sets her apart is her genuine love for helping people look and feel great. She's all about skin, health, and well-being, and that's why she excels at what she does. From Botox and fillers to vitamin infusions, non-surgical facelifts, and fat dissolving injections, Sian's got it all covered. But more than just treatments, she's in the business of boosting your confidence and helping you shine both inside and out. SK Aesthetics and Wellness isn't just a place for beauty; it's where Sian turns her passion into art. When you visit, you're not just a client; you're someone she's excited to help look and feel amazing. So, if you're ready to embark on a journey to discover your best self, come and see Sian. She's the expert who'll make you feel like a masterpiece of your own youth.



Permanent Makeup Artist

Rachel is an esteemed permanent makeup artist, distinguished by an extensive tenure in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Her specialisation in eyebrows and beauty spots, encompasses a wide range of advanced techniques, including ombre, powder, hair stroke, and combination brows. With comprehensive certification and full insurance coverage, Rachel operates prominent clinics across the United Kingdom, including prestigious locations in London and Cheshire, in addition to our establishment nestled in the heart of Derbyshire. Rachel employs cutting-edge technology, using a digital machine and microneedle, to meticulously implant pigment into the skin. The result is the creation of flawlessly natural-looking brows or beauty spots, uniquely tailored to meet the precise preferences and individual characteristics of each discerning client.

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